10 Reasons You Should do a TEFL Course

TEFL or Teaching English as a Foreign Language is a global course for teachers to teach the language to non-native English speakers. You can choose an online TEFL course that let you understand all the necessary techniques to teach a foreign language to the students.

As there can be students of different ages who would learn English as an additional language, there’s a particular way to develop the learning path, unlike primary language teaching. A TEFL certificate would recognize the teachers as efficient to teach the language to the students effectively.

There’re multiple reasons for a teacher to complete a TEFL course from a relevant teacher training institute to understand the difficulties a student might face while learning a completely new language and how to support them. Similarly, this course would help you to be more understanding as a teacher and spectator as an instructor to provide the best classes to your students.

How to get an online TEFL course certification?

First things first, you need to choose the best online TEFL course as per your preferences and there would be different modules to explain to you the techniques for English teaching. This course is designed for people who want to teach the English language to non-native people to make them comfortable while communicating globally. So, find out which courses offer the following:

  • 120 hours or more duration of online course
  • Assistance in looking for a job at the end
  • Classes by experienced tutors in this field
  • Guidance from experts

What are the requirements to do TEFL?

The biggest advantage of TEFL is that you don’t need any qualification or experience as a prerequisite to join a TEFL course. Apart from an authorized certificate to get a job, this teacher training course would guide you through all the required practical skills to be a language teacher.

How do you get an accredited TEFL certification?

There are different paid and free online TEFL courses available that you can complete at certain hours. Without any specific time frame, age limit, and qualification, this course is open to be joined with an interest to be a good teacher.

And what are the other reasons to join this course? Here it is.

What are the advantages of the TEFL course?

  1. Enhance your teaching skills: These courses are designed with a primary vision to diminish the teaching-learning gaps in institutes. As there’s no age limit to start learning, one can learn English anytime and there should be a suitable teacher to handle the learning path.
  1. Practical approach: There’s no mandatory TEFL course eligibility to sign up for a TEFL course but the interest to teach people. The practical approach you gain from this course would help to understand a student’s capability and teach them accordingly.
  1. Flexible duration: As these courses are available online, you can start learning at your suitable time and pace. There are different durations for courses that can be done simultaneously with any other work.
  1. Global importance: TEFL course has global demand currently as communication skill is one of the most important personal skills and English is a necessary language to be connected internationally. Likewise, institutes need TEFL certified teachers who can provide a precise learning experience.
  1. A job of your choice: If you’re passionate about teaching and English is your favorite subject, then choose the best job that can give your satisfaction from hard work as well.
  1. Traveling opportunities: As TEFL has international demand, you’ll have chances to travel to different places to teach English in non-native places. A top skill like TEFL would ensure multiple exciting opportunities for both the teachers and their students.
  1. Cultural exposure: As a result of the last point, you can explore different cultures while traveling and teaching inclusive people around the globe. This cultural exposure would help to build your interpersonal experience and communication skills as well.
  1. Better salary: With better skills comes better opportunities, job openings, and better salary. Note that, TEFL TESOL course fees may differ on various platforms but with the right certificate your income would definitely rise.
  1. Challenge and rewards: Undoubtedly, there’re challenges to teaching a new language to non-native people, that too of different ages, backgrounds, understanding, and behavior. However, if you’re open to handling new challenges, it would upgrade your abilities and you would get better chances as well.
  1. CV booster: A certificate always boosts your CV if the skill is able to solve a certain problem and satisfy any major demand. With an authentic TEFL certificate, your portfolio would be richer.

What are the differences between TEFL and TESL?

As TEFL stands for teaching English as a foreign language to the people whose primary or local language is not English. On the other hand, TESL stands for teaching English as the second language in a school where a student’s first language is something else.

TESOL stands for teaching English to speakers of other languages which automatically includes both TESL and TEFL. You need to be familiar with these terms before taking an online TEFL course free or paid to increase your skills.

How can I get TEFL certificate online in India?

A number of institutes are functioning in India that offer TEFL certificate courses. A simple Google search will give you hundreds of results.

Just ensure that the criteria we mentioned above are met. Also, you must have your own criteria like flexibility of class hours etc.

If everything clicks, you have your choice of course!

Final Thoughts

Avail an online teacher training course that suits your dreams and also serves a purpose for teaching. The online TEFL course is one of the best courses for aspiring teachers who want a global reach for their skills along with the challenges to teach different students.

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