TEFL Diploma or Certificate: Which Course to Choose?

It is always a tough call to choose one from many especially, if you are not well aware of the pros and cons of the options. Searching the internet for the best online TEFL course will give you innumerable results. But you would notice most of them, if not all, offer more than one options like certificate, diploma, advanced diploma etc.

Put an end to all those worries as here we bring to you what a diploma and a certificate are all about. TEFL industry has both courses on offer. But it is up to you which to choose as per your requirements and convenience. But what is taught in one that is not covered in the other?

What is Certificate in an online TEFL course?

When you see an ad calling for TEFL certificate holders, know that the very term refers to the most basic teaching qualification that is mandatory to achieve. If you opt for a certificate course, you are not to be asked for any prior experience in this field. Even if you have no qualification of completing any online TEFL course earlier, don’t worry.

There are many teacher training institutes offering certificate courses in TEFL. But keep in mind that not all these courses are monitored or governed. Before you choose a course, do check the affiliation of the institute, authenticity of the claims the organization makes on the website etc.

What is diploma in TEFL?

This level is specifically for people with experience and who have academic qualification of post graduate. Now diploma can be of various levels. Advanced diploma or advanced PG diploma are the most common ones. To get admission in this particular teacher training course, you need to have teaching experience preferably at least for 2 years.

For some institutes, experience is not that mandatory as having an undergraduate and post graduate degree is. So, before signing up for a curse, do check with your chosen institute about the set criteria.

How do you understand the difference?

Well, that’s quite simple! Just keep in mind what we told you above. The main difference lies in the requirement of experience.

Say you see a website of an institution claiming to offer diploma courses in TEFL. Check the eligibility criteria for that course. If it clearly mentions that you have to possess experience in teaching TEFL for a certain span (minimum 2 years), then you can trust it to be a real diploma course. If not, we recommend you stay away from it.

But various online TEFL course reviews indicate that a diploma may not always mean literally a diploma, as we mentioned before. Many institutes name the course above the basic level as “diploma”. Consider this as a marketing strategy.

Stay away from such things. We can’t guarantee originality of such courses. If you present a TEFL certificate to your employers while they are looking for a diploma with all the experience and advanced level of knowledge, you will be rejected, sadly.

Which one should you choose?

The answer lies in the simple question, “do you have experience in teaching English?”. If yes, you can directly go for a diploma. If your answer is no, don’t lose heart and sign up with the best online TEFL course available and complete a certificate course.

Having a degree in TEFL, especially if you are an experienced one and possess a diploma degree, you scope or opportunities are always higher than others.

What are the recruitment criteria now?

That varies from one employer to another. The basic criteria are to complete a TEFL course of at least 120 hours. But remember, it is not the more, the merrier in this case.

If you are doing hours and hours of classes, know that those hours are not likely to improve your employability. It will the same as covering the basic level criteria of 120 hours. Most TEFL institutes do that. So, it is a matter of quality, your expertise and your knowledge that will win you a career.

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