Importance of Classroom Management in Addressing International Students

Very often you’d come across professors in some U.S. college or teachers training institute that aren’t capable of interacting with international students in an ideal manner. Their comments, assumptions, interactions and other classroom management techniques will often affect the students adversely.

Dos and Don’ts of International Classroom Management:

Do: Accept the fact that someone might be more articulate in writing English than speaking the language fluently due to the challenges posed by accent and other key factors.

Don’t:  Few of the classroom management strategies support the idea of students completing projects in groups. Never let them create groups with partners that they are comfortable in communicating things. Allowing students to form their preferred groups will compel the international students to play the role of an outsider community. The latter group won’t be making effective progress in online teachers training courses due to their accent and other language obstacles.

Do: Allow students to perform different roles by assigning them to specific groups. It will provide the international students with an opportunity to perform effectively. On most occasions, they would choose to go overboard.

Don’t: Never tell an international student that his performance is praiseworthy considering the fact that English isn’t is first language.  Give him a constructive feedback about the specific grade that he achieved.

Do: Give your students a fair explanation for deduction of points besides explaining portions that they either misunderstood or skipped. Invite question from them even if it seems irrelevant at times.

Don’t: Never assume quiet participation to be an act of inactivity. International students participating in a teacher training would continue to process things in their native languages till the time they are confident about their written responses and receptive vocabulary.

Do: Give them some more time before seeking answers; it will help them in setting a brief reflection.

Don’t: Never appreciate the English communication of international students at the beginning of a teacher training course. It compels them to focus on their language skills more than the content and project performances.

By following the simple list of do’s and don’ts mentioned above, you’ll be able to establish the importance of classroom management in the minds of your target audience. It is the first step towards guiding them past the higher levels of knowledge acquisition.

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