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Classroom Management

Learn what is classroom management, importance of classroom management, strategies and techniques.

What is Classroom Management

Classroom is a place where teachers and students gather for the purpose of learning, with good attitudes and behaviors, and a willingness to learn. However, this ideal is not always achieved. Certificate in classroom management offered by Aspiring Professional Teacher Training Institute is the course suitable for all aspiring teachers to maintain a healthy decorum and to create the ideal classroom through teacher’s efforts and student training.

Classroom Management is defined as the methods and strategies an educator uses to maintain a classroom environment that is conducive to student success and learning. A trained teacher in classroom management makes sure that students feel they are in an environment that allows them to achieve their goal. Classroom management is action-oriented and also goal-oriented. Certificate course in Classroom management will help teachers to create an environment where students experience a well-managed classroom. In turn, they are more likely to cooperate in creating another, thus helping their future teachers and classmates. Certificate in Classroom Management covers topics as varied as general management of the class that includes teaching values and belief systems to time management.

APTTI is giving this opportunity to all to study an International Course through online mode, but the word online won’t be mentioned on the certificate.

How it Works

  • After enrollment, the students are given access to the course online.
  • Each phase has a set of MCQ’s which the students need to attempt after reading the study material.
  • After completing all the MCQs successfully, students are certified
  • Hard copy certificate is sent in the requested address.
  • During the course, support is given through chat, mail and calls.


  • Aspiring Teachers, Experienced teachers, Preschool Teachers


  • There are Multiple Choice Questions at the end of each module, which the students need to complete.
  • The answer keys to the MCQ test will be sent the candidate for self correction.

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