Why is TEFL getting All the Attention?

Before delving deeper into the question we started with, let’s first say a few words about what TEFL exactly is. The acronym stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. So, those who do not speak English as their mother tongue, are entitled to the training offered by TEFL trainers or teachers.

It is easy to imagine why this is receiving increased demand especially in countries like India. As per the last census by the Indian government, there are total 121 languages in India and around 270 mother tongues. Despite Hindi being the official language there is no way to communicate internationally if English is not adapted.

But this is not the full story across the world. Want to know TEFL inside out? Read on!

How many learners are there?

In 2020, the estimated number of learners of EFL was around 2 billion. Countries with higher population like China alone recorded 300 million learners of English as a language. Why?

You don’t have to look far for getting the answer. English has always been the language of communication internationally. When it comes to business, companies are going global with branches and offices all across the globe.

How can a Japan-based company successfully communicate with its employees in the US? Knowing to speak English is absolutely mandatory in such cases. Thus, the business companies are also becoming TEFL learners and recruiting language instructors separately to train the employees well.

How TEFL is becoming mandatory at school level?

Well, globalisation is here to stay. The children of today will eventually grow up and join the world always staying a step ahead. To ensure they don’t miss out on anything, the school-level education boards are also incorporating TEFL learning in the syllabus.

Guess how important it is? School recruitment boards are putting extra credits for those who have bagged a TEFL degree. And this is true for all boards including international ones.

English language instructions are now increasing in schools, making it compulsory for even students of state boards which mostly operate in native language. The schools are hiring TEFL-certified language trainers especially.

Is it increasing the demand of TEFL teachers?

Absolutely yes. The higher the need to learn the language, higher is the number of classes and eventually, higher number of teachers needed. And remember one thing, it is not only native language-speaking countries where the demand is increasing; rather it is similar situation in the US, UK, Canada and other such English-speaking countries too.

Among other potential reasons, one might attract you more than other. Students from various countries enrol into various colleges and universities in the US or the UK simply for learning English or studying the language as a subject. That actually translates into more job opportunities for teaching EFL.

Professional and commercial- you just can’t do without this very language. When a TEFL certified teacher is appearing for job opportunities, they are getting added advantage. Guess what? In addition, they are also expert in soft-skill training.

So, you see there is just no end to the advantages TEFL has to offer. And with the ever-increasing demand, there is simply no way for you to experience any job shortage. Join the academic world armed with TEFL degree to get the competitive edge.

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