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Phonetics in English language teaching

Phonetic is mainly the study of speech sounds, their transmission, reception and their analysis, classification and transcription. When we are speaking about Phonetics, basically we mean the complete process of involving the use of mouth, lips and tongue and how they are positioned to deliver a sound and how the sound is received by the recipient.

Studying Phonetics is important for anyone who teaches foreign language. It is significant for understanding the articulation of syllables pronouncing a word correctly.

APTTI has designed the online Teaching Phonetics course in such a remarkable manner that the teachers can identify the source of mispronunciation and teach the learners effectively and efficiently. This course is applicable for both aspiring and experienced teachers.

How it Works

  • After enrollment, the students are given access to the course online.
  • Each phase has a set of MCQ’s which the students need to attempt after reading the study material.
  • After completing all the MCQs successfully, students are certified
  • Hard copy certificate is sent in the requested address.
  • During the course, support is given through chat, mail and calls.


  • Both fresher and experienced teachers can do this course


  • There are Multiple Choice Questions at the end of each module, which the students need to complete.
  • The answer keys to the MCQ test will be sent the candidate for self correction.

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