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FAQ for Teacher Training | TEFL Course | Special Education | Pre Primary | Montessori

Here are some of the frequently asked questions asked.

  • How does online course work?
    Students are given access to the online course after enrolling in to the course. Candidates are given unique username and password and the link to our course backend. They can log in any time of the day to read course material and answer the multiple choice questions.
  • How long will it take to complete the course?
    It would depend on the student. The duration of the course is mentioned in the site. If the students exceed that time limit they would need to pay token money of Rs 2000/ for extending it for 2 months.
  • What is the difference between Certificate course and Diploma Course?
    Certificate course is the preliminary level and Diploma is the advanced level. Diploma courses have a research module, case studies and advanced course material.
  • Can I enroll for two courses at a time?
    Yes, you can enroll for two courses at a time. You will be given access to one course at a time.
  • Where can I teach after completing the course?
    It would depend on the course you choose. However, all our courses are recognized globally, so you will be able to teach anywhere in the world depending on your field of interest.
  • Who are eligible to do the course?
    10+2 is the minimum eligibility criteria for the teacher training courses offered. Candidates of TEFL Course are expected to have good knowledge of the English Language.
  • Would I get any placement assistance?
    All our students are given placement assistance at the end of the course. If you require any help with your resume we are sure to help you.
  • How will I be evaluated?
    There are sets of multiple choice questions at the end of each module. In the Diploma level, the students need to submit an assignment and research paper if required.
  • Is there any final exam?
    There is no final exam as such; students are evaluated at every level.
  • How would I get tutor support?
    You can call, message or mail our tutors your queries about the course. Tutors respond to mails within one working day.
  • Will the B. TESOL course be internationally certified?
    Of course, it will be accredited by the French government and the certificate is accepted all over the world.
  • What documents are required for M.Ed?
    We need copies from passport and bachelors degree, obviously.
  • Will you provide lodging for in class courses?
    We provide you lodging, or You can find your own lodging.
  • Is learning local language mandatory for teaching?
    No, you need to talk in English only.
  • Is there any exam?
    No, there will be MCQ based assignments.
  • Does the course include videos for me to watch?
    There are videos and 3rd party reference videos for better understanding of the course, wherever required.
  • Can I directly enroll for a Masters or a P G Diploma course?
    Why not? If you have a bachelor's degree from a recognized university.
  • How much salary can I expect?
    Salary depends on the schools and your experience level.

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