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APTTI provides internationally recognized Teachers Training Certificate to students after they successfully complete the course.

Effective Teacher Training Certificate

AP Teacher training Institute is accredited by different international organizations like International Association of Special Education, Montessori Europe, International TEFL Canada, and it is also the institutional member of various international societies like the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language. Certificates are awarded to all our students after successfully completing the courses. The certificates which we offer are internationally accepted and globally received. The notarization from Canadian official is the most valuable and exceptional feature of our certificate, which makes us the most admired institution among the aspirants. All of our courses are awarded with international certificates with worldwide accreditation.

Value of the Certificate

  • The Classroom TEFL Training certificates and Post Graduate Diploma certificates are notarized from Canada.
  • AP Teacher Training Institute is the sister concern of International TEFL Canada. Hence, our certificates hold the logo of both AP Teacher Training Institute and International TEFL Canada.
  • All the Post Graduate Diploma candidates get the notarized certificate free of cost.
  • The courses are validated, approved and endorsed by renowned international academic bodies.
  • The certificates are signed by Mr. Frank Moffatt, the Co-Founder and CEO of AP Teacher Training Institute who is an International Best Selling author.
  • The certificates are dispatched immediately after completing the course.
  • The candidates receive their certificate within 30 to 90 days from date of dispatch.
  • The terms "Online" or "Distance" is not mentioned in the certificates.
  • Shipment of certificate within India is done free of cost.

Sample Teacher Training Certificate

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