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Child psychology courses

The Child Psychology Course for Teachers offered by AP Teacher Training Institute aims to provide the complete knowledge to the aspiring as well as the experienced teachers about the intricate psychology of a child. The course presents an array of insights to the psychological development of a child and a comprehensive understanding of the nitty-gritty strategies of nurturing the tender minds for its healthiest improvement. This child psychology course distinguishes the milestones of child development and identifies the talent and the weaknesses of a child. This course also gives the ability to identify different behavioral issues and provides methods to intervene. As a teacher, one should always know to recognize the children with special needs and this course provide that assortment of information. Diagramming the social and emotional development of a child is an integral part of teaching; however, without proper knowledge, it's impossible to provide an adequate amount of care and affection to them.

The Child Psychology Course for Teachers is offered in two levels- Certificate and Diploma and the candidates will receive an internationally accredited certificate.

The Child Psychology Course for Teachers Certificate Level is of 5 modules, and it encompasses all the aspects of child psychology, developmental characteristics in the preschool year, learning processes etc.

The Child Psychology Course for Teachers Diploma Level is an 11 module-course which includes child Psychiatric and disorders, health and hygiene of mother and child, safety measures etc.

Why Should you do it

  • This course is applicable for teachers of all grades.
  • The schools now require teachers who have sound knowledge child psychology.
  • The course helps the teacher to identify the special children in an inclusive school.
  • It helps the teachers in knowing the developmental milestones and apply them to teaching methods.
  • The course helps in identifying different behavioral disorders and finds proper solutions.
  • The course enables the teachers in mapping emotional and social development in children and provides them with the proper support through teaching.


  • Each module has a set of Multiple Choice Questions, which the students need to learn to move on to the next module
  • The correct answers of the MCQs are given to the students once they attempt it.

How it Works

  • Once payment is done, students are given access to the course with unique username and password.
  • Each module has set of Multiple Choice Questions / assignment, which the students need to complete successfully to move on to the next phase.
  • There is an assignment at the end of the diploma phase.
  • Certificate is mailed to the candidates after successful completion of the course.

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