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Teaching is not the first career choice for most people, yet it is the profession where demand is very high. The dearth of qualified quality teachers is there in most countries and many are choosing the teaching profession as their lucrative career avenue.

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What makes the demand of trained teachers so high?

  • 50% of the world population is young
  • Countries have started giving utmost importance to elementary education
  • Teachers are hired from across the globe
  • With advent of English as the global language, demand of English teachers are high
  • Varied subjects to teach
  • Technology cannot take away education jobs

The demand of teachers is high now and the demand of qualified teachers is even higher. Most teachers join this career today as an afterthought not a prominent choice. In the preschool or elementary school level most teachers are untrained with no knowledge about child psychology, teaching methodologies and modern tactics. It is of utmost concern, as at the elementary level trained teachers are required because it is a vulnerable stage and a child needs to be taught by a trained professional.  

Teaching careers can be divided in two sections, regional and international. There is an increasing demand of foreign teachers in various parts of the world. In the Middle East, Europe, South East Asia, China South Korea and Latin American teachers from India, Philippines, the USA, China and UK are of high demand. In certain countries subject teachers, special teachers are also required apart from English language teachers. Travelling with teaching is the main attraction of this group of teachers proving to be a win-win situation for both the parties. 

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