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TEFL Course in Hyderabad

150 hrs TEFL / TESOL course Hyderabad are for teachers aiming to teach abroad or teach English as foreign language or second language.

Best 150 hour International TEFL Course in India - Hyderabad

Teaching English as Foreign Language (TEFL) or Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) is internationally recognized certification program for teachers who are willing to teach abroad, for trainers who want to enhance their qualification and also for teachers who want to learn international methodologies.

TEFL / TESOL course is an intense program, and it teaches students to gain knowledge on all aspects and levels of teaching. The 150 hours TEFL course, which we offer has a set re-reading material, which the candidates need to complete before attending the In class 3 weeks course.

In association with International TEFL Canada

Globally recognized TEFL/ TESOL Courses

International TEFL CanadaInternational TEFL Canada is a globally recognized TEFL body providing certifications, associations and memberships for TEFL or TESOL candidates across the globe. The organization consists of people with decades of experience in the ESL field and had taught across the globe. They have brought together their expertise on the subject together and formed this organization to give candidates the best in the ESL teaching world. APTTI is a proud to be an institutional partner of this organization for providing globally recognized TEFL Course.

Curriculum for 150 Hours International TEFL/TESOL Course by APTTI in association International TEFL Canada

  • Attention, Interest and Motivation
  • Language Methodologies
  • Second Language Learning and Acquisition
  • What is TESOL/TEFL?
  • The Teaching of Language Skills – Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing
  • Going Beyond the Text - Teaching through Drama and Music
  • Difference between Teaching YL and Adults
  • Learning styles
  • Lesson Planning
  • The English Sound System (Phonology)
  • Language Structure (Grammar)
  • How to Deal with Errors
  • Feedback & Assessment
  • The Teaching Learning Environment – Classroom Management Skills
  • Practicum includes - Observed Teaching, Peer Teaching and Practice in a real classroom.


  • Out station students will be assisted with accommodation by our representatives in Hyderabad. The candidates can inform about the accommodation need at the time of admission so that we can do what is required.

TEFL / TESOL Course in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is recent years is the most strategic city in Southern India being the capital of Telengana State. Being one of the biggest cities, Hyderabad has immense potential in the educational field. Having some of the best educational institutes, great schools and universities, Hyderabad commands the academic scene of both Telengana and Andhra Pradesh. Aspiring Professional Teachers training Institute gives teachers and aspiring teachers a chance to engage in our internationally recognized TEFL Course.

TEFL / TESOL is mandatory certificate, which is required by candidates to teach in international schools, regular schools, language institutes, for corporate trainers and most importantly to teach abroad.  The 150 hours TEFL Certificate course provided by APTTI, will build confidence in teachers to teach, make them learn the newest methodologies, create better trainers and obviously given them an international certificate from a Canadian Institute.

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